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Red Tiger Eye Bracelet

Red Tiger Eye Bracelet


Red Tigers eye helps defend against bullying, relieves temper, relieves aggression, increase courage and self confidence. It can help to bring the mind and body into a state of calm aiding a person in setting and achieving goals. It helps to pursuit to right the wrongs. Red tiger stone can extricate any anger, or weakness. It will keep you motivated and driven, while remaining creative and going with the flow. This can bring you inner fairness and promote the need to want equality for all aspects of life. It can aid in overcoming issues of domestic violence, and emotional domination. It can release feelings of shame and guilt around violent sexual experiences. 


Chakras - Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Zodiac - Capricorn

Planet - Sun

Element - Fire, Earth

Vibration - Number 4 


Healing Gemstones are not a replacement for professional medical care. While stones/crystals have been used historically, to receive or prevent symptoms, the items we sell or recommend, offer no guarantee of results. 



    Red Tiger Eye bracelet for men and women features smooth Tiger's Eye beads. 


    We do not take returns and refunds at this time. 

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